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Support & FAQs Have some questions or need help? AFConnect is here for you. Check out our Frequestly Asked Questions section below. Also, you may call us at 801.437.9600 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the problem if I can't access the internet?
Most problems with the internet can be solved by "rebooting" or "power cycling" your router. Try to unplug the power supply of the router for 30 seconds. Do Not press the reset button of your router. This will erase all of your customer settings.

I can receive email, but I cannot send what is the problem?
Make sure that in your email client your outgoing mail server is and that "my outgoing server requires authentication" is checked. If you have another email account
besides the domain, then you must set get the IP address of the other email server approved. You can get it approved by filling out the contact us form or give us
a call. One last thing to try is to reboot your machine. If all fails then contact us and we can help.

What is the best way to pay my bill?
On our website click on pay my bill. You can also setup any credit card to be automatically withdrawn on the each month,
OR you can Send payments to:

125 E Main #105
American Fork, UT 84003

Can I be setup on an automatic credit card payment?
Yes it is easy. Go to Pay my bill on this site and fill out the credit card form and select "yes charge this card
each month"

How do I connect multiple computers at my home? How do I connect my wireless laptop?
AFConnect will install a single Ethernet jack inside your home. If you have more than 1 computer, you will need to purchase your own wireless router. A router acts as a splitter, allowing up to 4 computers to be plugged in directly, and it also wirelessly sends your Internet signal throughout your home to any computer or laptop with a wireless card. An 802.11g wireless router typically costs under $50, and can be purchased from Walmart or any computer or office supply store.

Is Anti-virus necessary?
Yes. It is probably the single most important software protect to secure your computer from hackers and

What is the best FREE Anti-virus software / spyware protection?
We have found that the best FREE antivirus is "Microsoft Security Essenstials". You can dowload it FREE from Microsoft.




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